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Where History, Adventure and Education Meet the Great Outdoors

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Why you choose us

We are passionate about our magnificent forests

Friends of MEEC foster immersive educational experiences, promoting adventure and fostering a lifelong love for the great outdoors.

Supporting Enviornmental Education

Art Exhibits, Festivals, Public Talks

Hands on Exploration & Adventure

Nature Walks, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties

Inspiring Current & Future Generations

Events open for the public to attend & get involved

Our Mission

Support environment education & stewardship

Our mission is to support enviornmental education and stewardship and an appreciation of local history.
In an effort to inspire current & future generations. MEEC will foster enviornmental awareness & responsible action through hands-on exploration & adventure.

Our Achievemnets

We are passionate about protecting our forest

We are fervently committed to safeguarding our forests, fueling our passion through weekly educational events that blend adventure with learning, inspiring the youth to become stewards of nature.

Adventure based learning

Local History Campaigns Launched

Weekly educational events

encouraging responsible action

Friends Of Meec

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