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Come immerse yourself in what the Bashakill has to offer or let us bring the outdoor experience to you!

The Wetland Ecology program will introduce your students to what a wetland is and their importance as an ecosystem through interactive activities. Our program is divided up between different grade levels for an enjoyable and understanding lesson experience.

This lesson can be taught within your classrooms or you can bring your class to the Mamakating Environmental Education Center. Lessons at schools will be conducted in the classroom for a duration of one-hour. Lessons conducted at the educational center will be led both indoors and outside. For kindergarten through 2nd grade, it will be a 90-minute program, and 3rd though 5th grade will be a 120-minute program. These programs fit within the New York State school curriculum standards.

We are currently accepting bookings for Spring 2024, contact us for pricing and additional information.

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